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Lorànt Deutsch in Saint-Omer

19 October 2023

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Lorànt Deutsch, the French actor and writer renowned for his love of history, recently embarked on a captivating journey through the Hauts-de-France region to make a short film highlighting the rich past of the Pays de Saint-Omer. This bold initiative, in collaboration with the region and the Saint-Omer Tourist Office, aims to pay tribute to the little-known history of this picturesque region and share his passion for French heritage with a wider audience.


The Pays de Saint-Omer, located in the Hauts-de-France region, is a place steeped in history. The region is famous for its bucolic landscape, winding canals and impressive medieval fortifications. But behind its natural beauty lies a fascinating history that goes back centuries.

Lorànt Deutsch has chosen to highlight this rich and diverse past in a short film entitled "The history of the Saint-Omer region, at breakneck speed...". In this film, he explores various aspects of local history, from the medieval period to the world wars, including the emblematic figures who have left their mark on the region. The aim of the short film is to bring these old stories to life and raise public awareness of the rich heritage of the Pays de Saint-Omer.


The actor has long been passionate about French history. He is the author of several best-selling books, including "Métronome", in which he retraces the history of Paris through its streets and districts. His playful, accessible approach to history has won over many readers and viewers, making him a renowned ambassador for the preservation of France's heritage.

His short film on the Pays de Saint-Omer is a continuation of this passion. He hopes not only to highlight the region's history, but also to encourage residents and visitors to immerse themselves more fully in this unique cultural heritage.


Film has an inestimable power to captivate and educate audiences about historical subjects. His short film offers a valuable opportunity to present the region's history in a visual and engaging way. It will allow viewers to travel back in time and understand the importance of preserving the historic and cultural sites that are the pride of the region.

By highlighting emblematic sites such as Notre-Dame de Saint-Omer cathedral, the Audomarois marshes and the remains of the Second World War, the short film underlines the diversity of the history of the Saint-Omer region. Lorànt Deutsch hopes to spark renewed interest in this region, which is often neglected by traditional historical accounts.


By celebrating the past of this magnificent region, Lorànt Deutsch is helping to preserve its heritage for future generations. This initiative is a reminder of the importance of history in our understanding of the world and the need to value and protect the historical treasures that make our regions so rich.

There's no doubt that this video format will attract new travellers and inspire the people of Audomar to rediscover the region!

So don't delay, come and visit the wonderful Saint-Omer region! 

The History of the Saint-Omer Region - LORÀNT DEUTSCH
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