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10 reasons to stay in Bourbourg during your business trips.

30 November 2023

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If you work at the Centre Nucléaire de Production d'Électricité de Gravelines (CNPE), you'll often have to travel a lot, and choosing the right place to stay is essential. Bourbourg, located nearby, offers many advantages for a professional stay. Here are 10 reasons why Bourbourg is the ideal choice:

  1. 📍 Proximity to the Nuclear Centre Bourbourg is ideally located, just a short distance from the Nuclear Centre - less than 15 minutes! This makes your daily commute easier and cuts down on travel time. You can get a bit more sleep in the morning and get home quicker in the evening! It's great!
  2. 😌 Calm and relaxing environment After a hard day's work, relaxation is crucial. Our flats are located in a calm, restful environment, ideal for relaxation and recuperation.
  3. 🏠 Quality accommodation : All our accommodation is fully equipped with a private kitchen or shared kitchen (for rooms), private bathroom and toilet in each room. Do I need to bring my own linen? We don't! Sheets, towels, shampoo, everything is provided! This is your home away from home.
  4. 🍽️ Catering venue In Bourbourg, you're bound to find something to eat. There are plenty of places to eat in the vicinity of the residence. If you prefer to play the Cyril Lignac or Philippe Etchebest game, no problem: Intermarché, Carrefour, butchers and bakers, you're spoilt for choice! Everything is within easy reach on foot or by car.
  5. 🛜 Free Wi-Fi connection: Take advantage of our Wi-Fi network to work on site, or relax in front of a series or film with Netflix on all our televisions. Come on, what are we watching? It's Apart'Moment & chill 😎
  6. ☕️ Special attention: At Apart'Moment, we attach particular importance to your well-being, which is why a host of goodies await you on arrival (sweets, madeleines, coffee, tea...). We'll spoil you!
  7. 📞 Host availability : As well as spoiling you, our team is available throughout the day to answer any questions you may have, or any special requests you may have, so you can enjoy your stay in complete tranquillity. From 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, then we sleep a little anyway. 😴
  8. 🧼 Cleanliness Our housekeepers do their utmost to prepare your accommodation as well as possible and keep our establishment clean. Communal areas are cleaned and serviced daily, for you when you leave, at no extra charge.
  9. 🤑 Special discounts : Because loyalty is very important to us, every customer can benefit from additional discounts by booking directly with us, either by telephone or via our website. Fewer intermediaries, more discounts. Everyone wins! 🤝
  10. 📹 Residence under video surveillance: To ensure that our establishment remains a place of peace and relaxation, your safety is one of our priorities. That's why we've installed surveillance cameras on the various floors, without infringing on the privacy you'll find in your accommodation. Smile, you're safe! 😁

In short, Bourbourg is not only a practical choice for professionals, it's also a place where work and personal well-being can be effectively balanced.

Book now online or contact us directly by telephone.

See you soon at Apart'Moment! 👋

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