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Why choose an apartment hotel rather than a hotel?

3 November 2023

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Apart-hotels and hotels are two popular types of accommodation for travellers. Although they both offer accommodation services, they have significant differences. In this article, we'll talk to you about aparthotels, to help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

What is an apartment hotel?

An apartment-hotel, as the name suggests, is a mixture of a flat and a hotel. It is a fully furnished accommodation that offers services similar to those of a hotel, such as cleaning, reception service and security. However, unlike a traditional hotel, a hotel apartment also offers a fully equipped kitchenette or kitchen, so you can prepare your own meals if you wish. This is a great option for travellers who prefer a larger, more independent space, such as families or business travellers who need a workspace.

Very flexible working hours

The use of a key box system in aparthotels is revolutionising the travel experience by offering unprecedented flexibility of arrival and departure. This ingenuity allows guests to access their accommodation at a time that suits them, without the constraint of checking in in person, which often means having to fit in with the reception timetable. This is a godsend, particularly for travellers who have to deal with unforeseen events or delays, as it avoids the anxiety of having to arrive before a deadline. Similarly, on departure, keys can be easily returned, often by simply dropping them into a special box. This autonomy in managing arrivals and departures confers a feeling of freedom and intimacy, making the experience more like home, and eliminates potential stress, making the stay more pleasant and less constrained by formalities.

How do I book a hotel apartment?

The simplest solution is to use our website, which offers you a user-friendly, straightforward interface to simplify your search. Unlike third-party platforms such as Booking.com, Airbnb, Trivago, or even Expedia, which bundle a multitude of options and operate on the online booking model with their own reservation systems and service fees, our site stands out for its personalised experience and potential savings by eliminating the middleman. We encourage you to explore our diverse selection of flats directly on our platform, where you can take advantage of exclusive offers not available elsewhere. A significant benefit of booking online is instant communication with our dedicated team, who are on hand to answer any questions you may have and help you organise a tailor-made stay.

Want to visit Saint-Omer or Bourbourg?

Nestling in the heart of the picturesque towns of Saint-Omer and Bourbourg, our two establishments are havens of peace ideally located for travellers seeking comfort and convenience. Both are accessible via the rail network, located just a few minutes' walk from Saint-Omer station, next to "La Station" and Bourbourg station, promising a seamless travel experience.

Each of our flats is designed to offer you real comfort: cosy beds, tasteful decor, modern bathrooms and a fully-equipped kitchen to make you feel at home straight away. It's the guarantee of a pleasant stay, where well-being and convenience are always the order of the day.

Book now online or contact us directly by telephone.

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